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We encourage you to support local business:







There are many AirBNB  and VRBO locations nearby.  One location just up the hill off of Hartnell Rd is  A View Fit For a King. 

Just a few minutes from Barn Up The Hill is Cedar Falls Campground 

About 10 minutes from Barn Up The Hill is

The Castle at Swan Lake
It offers apartment style rooms. 


Other hotels in the area include:
Best Western

Prestige  Hotel

Riviera Village Green
Fairfield Inn & Suites
Best Western



Some of Barn Up The Hills 

Favourite local places:


Ratio Bakery

A unique Bakery offering unique baked goods and pizza  each day.


The perfect place for breakfast or lunch. 

Midtown Bistro
If you want a unique experience and share food with friends and family Midtown is a great place to go. 

EastHill Eatery
From yummy hot drinks to the best poutine menu, enjoy a favourite local neighbourhood cafe.



Things to do


There are many great places to visit in the

Vernon area:










BX Press Cidery. Just down the hill from Barn Up The Hill, take a tour, enjoy a cider, fresh produce and enjoy local goods. 








Sip Tours is a wonderful way to see the region and take in the wineries.  A variety of tours available. OR   Get out on the Lake with Okanagan Boat Tours. 







Silver Star is 20 minutes from Barn Up The Hill. Visit the Ski Village for great views, fun family things to do, hiking and more. 








Atlantis WaterPark  is a fun place for the whole family.  Just minutes from Barn Up The Hill. 



There are many other great places to go in the Vernon area:

  • Davidson Farms

  • OKeefe Ranch

  • Kal Lake Beach

  • Paddle Wheel Park

  • BX Falls & Trail