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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a Bridal Suite for getting ready in?  Yes!

Our BUTH cottage offers a beautiful area for the bridal party to either get ready in or wait in for the ceremony to begin.   This is not for sleeping over and only the bridal party is permitted to use it. No alcohol is allowed in the cottage as all alcohol must go through the bartender. 

How many people can you host for a reception?
Our facilities  hold up to 100 seated in the barn.  Up to 110 with overflow area.


Can you have a reception on the Upper Plateau? 

Yes, however the prep area is down a hill. There is no way for a catering truck to be driven up to that area. 

Can we make food on the property?

Food must be prepared off site by a licensed caterer.  We do offer a caterer prep area but it is not for


cooking in.  A BBQUE caterer is allowed on site.  See Caterers information.


Can we serve alcohol? 
Yes, through a professional bartender. We do not permit self serve bars.  Barn Up The Hill has a main bar by the barn for bar service.    
To serve alcohol you must obtain a Special Event Permit t license.  Alcohol can only be served during the hours of the permit.  Permit Holder must abide by all BC Special Event Permit responsibilities. 

Can we use a friend for a bartender?
A Professional experienced bartender must manage your event bar.  This cannot be a friend,  family member or anyone associated with the event in any way.   You take full responsibility for your guests and their behaviour.  


How late can our event go?
Barn Up The Hill rental goes until midnight.  Program/ Dance/Party ends at 11pm on weekends,  10pm on weekdays, due to bylaw requirements.   Tear Down must be complete and property must be vacated by midnight on weekends, 11pm on weekdays.  Tear Down includes if BUTH is doing your tear down. 

Is Smoking Allowed? 
We have a designated smoking area for cigarettes and/or non drug vaping.   

Is Cannibis Allowed?

We do not allow any form of drug use on BUTH property Cannibis is not permitted with an alcohol bar as per the Special Event Licensing laws.  


Do you offer tables and chairs? 
Our packages include the table and chairs for receptions.     Yes please see our inventory  list for details.  
We offer rectangle tables in 8' and  6' sizes, as well as few round tables.   Our ultimate packages include use of all our decor tables, and cake tables.  All other package these are available for rent. 

Does Barn Up The Hill offer set up and tear down services?
Yes. Please see our additional services information.  Our Ultimate package provides this.


Do you have sound requirements for a Dance or Live Band?

If having a dance a professional DJ is required.  DJ can not be a friend, family member or associated in anyway.

There is a sound level expectation that will be provided to your DJ or Band.  DJ must adhere to BUTH sound policies, which includes not drinking.  

Dance program must be finished at 11pm on weekends, 10pm on weekdays. 

Is there sound equipment?

There is a portable speaker, wireless microphone, blue tooth  system compatible for ceremony and background music, and MC.  Barn has surround sound system for back ground music and AV equipment.  These systems are not for a dance or live music.    Those systems should be provided by your DJ or musicians.  

Is there electrical on the Upper Plateau?
Yes, there is electrical  for the ceremony sites, and around the dance floor.

Is there WIFI? 
We recommend using a data program for live streaming and downloading all music prior to coming, we do not offer a wifi connection outside.


Is Camping allowed on the property? 


We do not offer camping.

There are many campgrounds, B&B's and hotels a few minutes from Barn Up The Hill



Can Vehicles be left overnight? 


Yes, but owners cannot come back on the property between midnight and 8 am. 


Pick up must be done by 10 am the next morning. 



Do shuttle services come to Barn Up The Hill? 

Yes shuttle services and taxis come to Barn Up The Hill.  We recommend pre ordering to arrive at a specific time or your guests may be waiting well after the event and rental period is over. 


Do you have options for someone with mobility challenges?

Yes, we have a golf cart service from parking area to ceremony and reception.  They must however be able to transfer into and out of  a golf cart.  The property can be challenging for wheelchairs.

Can we bring our animals on the property?
We do not allow personal animals on the property without permission.   If a service animal  is required for attendance permission from Barn Up The Hill is required.   If you would like a dog involved in a ceremony this can be arranged on condition and must be approved first.  Due to the liability issues it needs to be written into your contract.  

What do we offer for children? 
A baby change station can be found in one of the washrooms.  We do not offer high chairs. 
There is a children's play area for children to play with supervision.  Also many of our yard games are great for children. 


Can we have flamed candles?
No.  Our structures are all wood and we are in a fire risk area.  We cannot allow any live flame on the property. Battery operated candles are great. We offer battery operated Pillar lights in our rental inventory. 


Are we responsible for third party liability?

Yes, you are responsible for obtaining a Special Events Liability Insurance  Policy.  This information will be provided to you in your contract. 

Do we have to sign a contract?
Yes, a contract is required. 

Do we have to pay a deposit?
Yes, there is a non-refundable deposit and the damage deposit  paid up front. 

Is there a Damage Deposit? 
Yes, all events pay a damage deposit based on the type of event.  Events with Alcohol will pay a higher deposit. The damage deposit is returned minus any damage costs and/or additional  last minute rental items or services. 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, it is included in your event contract. 
Is there an option to change the date? 
Yes, within reasonable notification, within the change window and an administration fee and/or additional deposit may be required. If changing date to a different year that seasons fees will apply your contract price does not forward. 


Can set up or tear down be done outside of rental hours? 
No, event insurance only covers you for your event rental. If late deliveries or set up is required an additional agreement would need to be set up.  


Can we have a rehearsal dinner onsite? 

No, we do not permit a rehearsal dinner onsite.

What if our Wedding Officiant cannot make the rehearsal? 
Our Team is prepared to conduct your rehearsal if need be. We have years of experience and will communicate with your officiant regarding things they may need to know. 

Is there a question we did not answer please contact us at 

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