Information for Catering

Barn Up The Hill does not have a catering kitchen. There is no food cooking on site. 

We have a  prep kitchen that can be used for tray prep.  It has a fridge,sinks and counter space.  Oven is not for use.

Caterers who need to plug in a truck, we have an oven outlet to do so. 

Caterers who have a self run truck we have an area to pull up beside the barn, and a back set up prep area.  Please contact office for measurements to ensure truck/van will fit.   

We have a cold water sink in back of barn with prep tables.

Catering staff washrooms are in suite.

For any Catering Questions or to set up a Site Visit please contact Pam at 


Some Recommended Catering Services

Bonne Bouche

Country Manor Catering
                                                Find them on Facebook

Gumtree Catering

Ricardo's Catering & Events


Baked Goods:  Ratio Coffee & Pastry