Additional Services

Bernard Services

Our Golf Cart "Bernard"  is available for assisting your guests.  We will arrange with you to meet your guests in the parking area and transport to the ceremony area.  Then pick them up after the ceremony to bring to the reception area.   Once the reception is done our chauffeur will then bring them back to the parking area for a designated time. 

Included in some packages.
$50 for day before and day of event. 
*Note this covers cost of use, chauffeur time and operation. 
** Only a Barn Up The Hill designated drive can operate Bernard. 


Bridal Party Tea & Sweet Trolley Package

Treat your Party to a Tea & Sweet Trolley while you get ready or wait for the ceremony to begin.   Your package includes a trays of sweets and fruit, Silver Tea Service, and  Punch. 

Ask us about our treat menu.


Barn Up The Hill Cottage/ Bridal Suite Overnight Rental

Rent the  suite overnight for yourself or a guest.  Must be 25 years to rent. 
Visit our Airbnb page at

Please note guests who are not staying overnight must still be off the property by midnight.