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Barn Up The Hill 
Covid Response

Barn Up The Hill is committed to ensuring your event is safe for you to host and for your guests to attend.

All events are expected to adhere to the BC Government protocols at the time of event.

Things that Barn Up The Hill are doing to ensure your event is safe:

  • We have taken on additional cleaning protocols to ensure our property is disinfected for your use. 

  • We are encouraging a one way in, and one way out pathway system so guests do not have to cross paths with each other.

  • Our bathrooms have a new entrance/waiting area and exit path, with lots of soap supplied.  Please note we do not provide hand sanitizer. 

  • Our Staff wear masks when in enclosed spaces with guests.

How to encourage Physical Distancing for your event: 
Barn Up The Hill will require you to have physical distancing measures in place for your guest.  A few things to consider:

  • Have arrival times so families can arrive staggered. 

  • Have a seating plan with families who live together seated together and then space out your groupings a minimum of f6 feet.

  • Offer a fun  tool to keep your guests from hugging, hand shaking, etc. 


How to encourage Hand Washing/Sanitizer: 

  • Provide hand sanitizer stations for your guests

  • Encourage your guests to bring their own hand sanitizers

  • Limit how many cross contamination activities you offer:  For instance if you are having a guest book, provide a fresh pen for each guest, or have a virtual guest book instead. 

Face Masks: 

We strongly encourage the use of these at your event. We know this might crimp your style, but have fun with it. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Have some custom ones made up in your wedding colours.

  • Have a face mask decorating station.

  • Have your guests to write a special message on their masks for your wedding

  • Encourage guests to have a photo of themselves on their outfit so their faces can be seen. 

  • Have a large size face photo of each guest made so when you do a group photo they can hold it up.

Event Service:

  • It is recommended that you check with your caterer to ensure they are following current COVID protocols. If  they are not they cannot serve at Barn Up The Hill. 

  • Current COVID inside event seating must be implemented.  

  • Current  Barn Up The Hill COVID protocols for event dances and social activities must be implemented. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact


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